Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Stubborn People Find Success?

What is stubborn? If we look at the definition of this word it sounds more positive than the word itself, it says that stubborn is a tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenaciously unwilling to yield or to give way.

Now if we apply this in life, if someone told you not to do this most of the time we yield to what they say.  Now if we look closely at people who are stubborn and has the drive to be successful, if someone told them not to do something, they do not think, they just continue doing what they believe is something positive or good may happen, and most of the time their instinct says it true, but if the case happen which nothing comes out, they do not cry out and just yield, they work out different ways just to get something.

These are the minds of stubborn people who find great success in business and in life.

Do not be dictated on people who always tell you that you should not do this or never do that, do things that your instinct tells you that it is right.   

Follow what your heart tells you to do

If you desire that you wanted to have a car, what would you do to make it happen? Probably someone close to you might say that do not wish that much, with your status in life you can do much but simply get out of your daily struggles.

Would you listen to that?

Of course I would not, but this is how you make a living proof that anything can happen if you worked hard and simply be stubborn on your desire to make it happen.

Stubbornness can only be applied if you are working for a cause or aiming to get something out of it, simply never assume that as you are being stubborn that success is on its way, what I am implying is when you work for something that people are pulling you down, do not let them, show them that you can and you will be able to achieve this.

Just live your dream and let the results show you the way.

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