Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Bounce Back from Failure?

Is it really hard to get up or fight back after failing? Is quitting the only option for failures? These questions are frequently asked of people who usually wants to give-up the fight for live and for their family.

I must admit that I was once has been in this kind of position where I almost have to quit and just run away from the problems. Everyone has their own personal demons who continuously want to torment us, but the only difference is that some people face them with more determination just to finish what they have started.

But how do we bounce back from failure? Are there ways in which we can make something good out of a bad situation? There are ways but we must understand first that accepting failure is a test of humility and strength. How are you going to accept failing and what will you do afterward?

One great story of bouncing back from failure is the story of Michael Jordan who as cut from his High School Team and eventually the next year he ensures himself that he is the best player from his team and the rest is history.

When you bounce back from defeat and accepting your faults or your flaws, thus you become smarter and more experienced, you learn where you are not good and work on it.

Find your Weaknesses and Make it your Strong Asset

We hate people who continuously say that you are good but not good enough, or when they say that I like what you are doing but I see you have a weak knowledge or asset in this or that, yes I know it is frustrating and that is something we try to hide. Well do not hide it, accept what your weaknesses and you owe it to yourself that you must make a change for better.

 It is not hard to bounce back from failing but one thing that I think people find it hard to work on is accepting that they have faults on why this happened to them.

One common thing that most of this people who overcome this would say that you just simply have to let go and prove to yourself and others that you are unique and a gem.

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