Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ana Zgombic - My Success Story

Who is Ana Zgombic? And what is her story?

Who am I? I am Ana Zgombic a single and happy girl from Houston, Texas. I am the only child of my parents and I might say that I was raised very well by them (kudos to my parents J). I studied at Lamar High School and graduated from University of Houston. Now if you are wondering, did I ever left my hometown, yes of course, when I am on vacation but I love this place and want to have my family settled here (after 10 years when I get married)

I am currently working as a blogger for a Fortune 500 company, and simply I am satisfied of my life, just working from home and no worries. I love travelling and going places just discovering where am I at. I have been to parts of Europe and Africa and my next goal is to visit Asia.

What is my Success Story?

I am not always like this to be honest, I usually work rigorously with a client of mine, yes the compensation is very good but it is ruining my relationship with my family, and I not also taking good care of my health.

So I decided to simply let go of the things which are unnecessary to me and go continue with things that I just needed. From there I found out who I really am, which is I found out where am I effective, passionate and I also found out that I love travelling. 

This is my Success Story…                          

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